Upcoming gigs

  • April 18th: 18.00-21.00 @ DJ cafe Tetra. Yoast & SpritL
  • April 28th: 20.00-late @ dwaze zaken: SpritL joining the La Luna tour.
  • May 6th: 21.00-03.00 @ DJ cafe Tetra: Yoast & SpritL full night.
  • May 26th: 21.00-03.00 @ DJ cafe Tetra: Yoast & SpritL full night.

Soothing Saturday at Tetra

Last Saturday we played at Cafe Tetra once again. It had been sunny and warm all day, so most people sat outside. Inside there was plenty of action, though. Spritl kicked us off with some warm jazzy grooves that fitted the sunny vibe of the last couple of days very well. After an hour and a half of post-picknick beats, I got took over. Latin soulful house, with some Rasmus Faber like broken beats were filling Tetra like my glass kept filling with "Hoegaarden".

Earlier that week Spritl had found a lo-fi photobook with some nice images. We decided to use this as sort of a guestbook for Soothing Soundsystem events. Maybe Spirtl will tell you about this later. (it was his idea so he'll do a better job at explaining the idea behind this book Knipoog). We had some pretty cool comments that night...

So after Spritl took over the decks again and I added my favorite lyric to the book the night came to and end. I enjoyed playing in Tetra again and conversations with Emanuel en Ard were cool...

 See you next time?

easterart review

Last weekend soothing soundsystem was involved with the easterart festival. Together with skinfiltr8r's words,Missy T's energy and Mellisa  on the violin we created a chill-out room. We'd love to do this again&again&again. . . . .   

50+ reasons for S3

Last sunday I went to stedelijk museum. I hoped to get some inspiration. . .  but seniors were all over the place. No strangers, cool people or interesting conversations. At least the current exhibitions @ SMCS were very interesting. You really have to see the videowork of Shirin Neshat and the portraits of Rineke Dijkstra. 

Luckily we had a gig on friday @ Tertra. We met a nice guy who invited us to play next saturday (4th of march) in a latin styled cafe called wonderbar. It's located at the beginning of the nieuwe dijk (that's were the Haarlemmerdijk is ending).

You're welcome! If you're tired of the 50+ crew running around? then print out this photo, join us and meet fresh people.

Funky Party

Last Wednesday I played at Club Storm in Utrecht. It was a singles party organized by the people of www.funkyfish.nl. To see what the vibe was like I arrived at the club around 20.30. It was a cool venue with a very proffessional set-up. DJ Chief S was playing some very nice funk tunes untill half past nine and he had warmed the crowd up nicely. I played some funky tracks to start of with. It seemed like the crowd had to get used to the more housy sound that I play. After twenty minutes or so they started to really get into it. I finished my set at around 23.00 with "Brighter Days" by Dajae. Ricky Rivaro was next up. He played a funky electro housy set. I liked it very much. I stayed till the end to have a boogy myself and also to catch up with a few friends.

Afterwards, we (me and my friend Rob) ended up missing the last train back home so we were stuck in Utrecht untill the first train was going... Luckily we met a few girls at the party that were kind enough to offer us a cup of tea at their place (thx Danielle and Hilde!). We stayed there for an hour or so telling eachother silly jokes. I got the train back home at 6 ´o clock.

Looking back, it was a fun event. The crowd enjoyed the music and so did the organization. Check the pictures below for an impression...



shame about the flash....looks like the lights are on

No flash

SpritL went west

Last week I went to the US to play on a wedding of two friends. The happening happened to be in Boulder, CO.
So SpritL went west and took besides some records a camera in his bag. This picture reminds me of a track of Intuit. On their album they have a track called "western sunrise".

the light is shining
among the nation of the blessed
a new day is dawning
and it's dawning in the west . . .
western sunrise
land of the spacious skies

Hm, maybe these lyrics are too divine for a paradoxal society like the US. But OK, this picture was actually a sunset.